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How DIY has taken hold in our inflated Economy!

In 2021 we are all facing an inflated economy and the stresses on all levels that it brings. Because the pocket book isn't a full these days handling remodeling or updates using your own tools, or DIY, has taken a front seat with so many of us looking to cut costs. The average project if done by DIY saves the labor costs because you don't pay yourself and in doing so the savings on average is over 45%! That is a huge number.

Recently, I just finished my new office building and the only portion of that build that wasn't DIY was the slab and the metal outside shell of the building. We saved ourselves over $45,000 by finishing out the inside and the small amount of remaining outside items. Those are just massive savings and for the average consumer that can save a remodel or new building. But....what happens if you can't manage a DIY of a large scale. This building is over 550 square feet and it tool us 7 months from the time the outside shell was finished before I could move in. This is exactly what Kerrie's Korner is here for! We can help you from designing the room, making plans and helping you shop BUT providing the tools to DIY is what we do. We provide the steps and then you complete your project yourself and in doing so you have just saved the labor costs. Labor costs are what takes a job from affordable to unaffordable.

We want to help you and we will give you the tools to finish your dream building or remodel. Don't forget too at Kerrie's Korner we sell products too....take a look at what we offer. We also can make costume one of a kind pieces. Thank you for stopping by Kerrie's Korner where we are Krafting DIY Kreatively and much more!


Kerrie Devlin Scroggins

Owner of Kerrie's Korner

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